Compiling Luciphor with MS-ToolKit

This tutorial covers how to compile Luciphor on Linux using the MS-ToolKit. The instructions are written assuming you are using RHEL/CENTOS 6.3 or Fedora 17. I don't use Ubuntu or any of the other flavors of Linux but I imagine these steps are generally applicable to those distributions.

  1. You must have the C++ Boost library installed prior to compiling Luciphor. Fedora/RHEL/CentOS flavors of linux usually have these installed already. But if you need to install it, issue this command as root:
    yum install boost-devel boost-filesystem boost-regex boost-static boost-system boost-thread boost
  2. Download the Luciphor source code from this site:
  3. Unpack the zip file. This should produce three items:
  4. First compile the MS-ToolKit:
    cd mstoolkit-read-only/
    cd ..
    This will produce the static library libmstoolkit.a
  5. Now compile luciphor:
    If all went well, you should find an executable program called luciphor in the current directory.
    For general usage instructions, execute luciphor and it will print out some (hopefully) useful information.

If you have questions or problems please post to our discussion forum at: